Joan Baez music video

This video is the result of a collaboration with Max Nova, a friend and fellow video artist who teaches Video Art at NYU and owns the company Optical Animal. Max brought me on board after being hired by Joan as one of ten NYU professors asked to make a video for her newest album. The two of us collaborated on setting up a still life, isolating an object with projection mapping, and making the projection transform the relations between objects in the frame. The difficult task of this project was to never be too obvious with meaning, we wanted to match the feel Joan creates, and to be in conversation with an elusive spirit of the song. 

Artist Talk on "Grid Paintings"

Artist talk in the Nilson Gallery at Monmouth Museum, host to a cohesive body of paintings by Michael Burris Johnson. Part of the New Jersey Emerging Artist Series, this collection of oil paintings based on the grid occupied the gallery from May 29 - June 28 2015. 

To see the written notes that were prepared for the talk visit my blog,

"Patience" painted prints

“Patience” painted prints will be available at the Monmouth Museum for the duration of my New Jersey Emerging Artist Series show, Grid Paintings. They are 26″ x 13″, printed on heavy fine-art paper, and the textured blooms are painted with acrylic. Limited edition, only 23 were made, each one is hand painted, signed and numbered.

If there are any left after the show I will post a link to buy online.