Practice of Recognitions

I found this piece of paper on the ground in my brother’s garage, where I was painting a year ago. It was folded in half, when i opened it I thought it made a better painting that a lot of the things I do on purpose. Sometimes something shows up, or occurs without intention, revelation is the opposite of control. A piece like this is situated in the strange zone between engagement and intention; it gets made by engaging with materials, but could not have been made if I had an intention to make it. Finding it felt like a recognition of something just on the other side of the will. My brother said he thought it looked Japanese, and I thought of those big Japanese paintings made with mop-sized brushes. The paper here is the orange tissue paper that is between sheets of silver-leaf. When I picked up the piece of paper I had a memory occur of having too much medium on my brush before having to make a brush stroke and kind of just whacking it on the orange paper before approaching the canvas. I was painting something that had a similar composition with much more control, the twin black orbs. I think I like the small orange version better. The silver leaf paper was laying around from the painting I did before the black orbs, one called Heavens with the floating geometry.