Two prints are back from the framers:

  1. I found the orange tissue paper on the ground in my brother’s garage, a year after making some paintings there. I must have used the orange tissue paper to get paint off the brush before approaching the canvas. The chance-result is similar to things i’ve tried to achieve with “in the wings”.

    The composition occurred because of an engagement with materials, but the work does not reflect an intentional use of directed attention. It remains mysterious to me; a case where something happened, duende.

    I put the gold leaf on pink and glued the orange tissue paper down, its framed with a white matte and the gold frame turns into a bit of a gasoline rainbow when the light hits it in the right angle.


2. Truncated Cube, silver-leaf on faded blue paper. The truncated cube is an object associated with angelic melancholia. The frame and glass are intended to add dimensions to the geometric construction; 2nd, 3rd, 4th dimensional geometry.