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Michael Johnson makes luminous analytical paintings in a minamalist vocabulary of artists like Agnes Martin or Sol LeWitt. His studio practice involves contemplative repetition and gestures of patience. Currently, he is investigating geometric logic as a calming antidote to chaos in a series called Falling Snow. After studying Literature and Philosophy for BA at Rutgers University in 2012, he composed a cohesive series of grid-paintings that won him a solo show in the New Jersey Emerging Artist Series in 2015. He is crafting a collection of video art under pseudonym Morvan Kelm. He works at ChaShaMa studios in Matawan, NJ. 


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NJEAS 2014-2015 - New Jersey Emerging Artists Series, Monmouth Museum, oil painting


2019 August - Open Studios at Chashama, Matawan NJ

2019 February - Truncated Cube Hangs at Parlor gallery 10th Anniversary show

2017 December - "Obedience" screens at Nervous System, Dawn of Man studios, BK

2016 September - Parlor Gallery, "Summer's Ghost" Asbury Park, NJ, (Sisyphus, Ethics, Patience, In the Wings)

2016 April - "the chance of a new beginning" hangs at Monmouth Museum, "Artists Emerged"

2015 November - "Sad King" screens at Westbeth Gallery, MediaLounge - 55 Bethune St, NYC

2015 October - "Patience" hangs in Old Church, "Technology becomes them" Mikhail Zakin Gallery, Demarest, NJ

2015 June - Gallery Talk as part of the Emerging Artist Series at Monmouth Museum

2015 May -   "Grid Paintings" - NJ Emerging Artists Series solo show, Monmouth Museum 

2015 April - Featured window artist at Art Alliance of Red Bank, NJ

2015 JanuaryMonmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ – 36th annual juried competition

2014 June - Boatworks Gallery - "Art on the Edge" -  Belmar, NJ - Belmar Arts Council

2014 June – Aljira Contemporary Art Museum, Newark NJ – Studio Montclair’s Viewpoints 2014

2014 January- Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ – 35th annual juried competition